Friday, February 3, 2012

2 VERY Important Annoucements

As promised I had another giveaway once I reached 30 followers. You (my beloved readers) got to chose the book that is going out to a lucky winner.
Now due to the fact that one person signed up I would like to Congratulate Beleg on winning Swords of the Six, by Scott Appleton.
Beleg I will be emailing you through the address used to sign up shortly so that I can get your mailing address.

Also I would like to announce a very sad thing. Life for me has gotten a little out of control and I now have to start making decisions on what I keep in my life and what I have to cut back on. For me though I love reading and reviewing and blogging this site in going to be limited. I know it has almost been a year and I have loved reading some wonderful books but I don't feel like I have been giving my full potential to this blog. Therefore I will be cutting back on how many reviews come out. This has been happening slowly for the past few months. So from this point forward only select books will be appearing on Arrowhead for an undefined amount of time.
Please continue to check-in on the blog.

Thank you everyone for all you have done for this blog.

Michelle Archer