Review system

I'm going to do something I hope will simplify my reviews by going back to Elementary. I'm going to grade my reviews.

A+ is a great book, I Can't wait to read it again, want to own it. All around wonderful! (5.5 stars)

Is a great book just one maybe two flaws. (5 stars)

B+ is a good book, I enjoyed it a lot just not as much as others. (4.5 stars)

B is a good book, it was okay, needs some work. (4 stars)

C+ is an okay book, I'm glad I read it, but I'm not going to read it again. (3.5 stars)

C is an okay book, I won't read it again. (3 stars)

D+ is alright, I didn't agree with it's teaching or the plot was dry. (2.5 stars)

D is alright, I didn't like it at all, the plot, characters all of it was boring. (2 stars)

F+ is not worth the time, I didn't get past the first few chapters. Boring, waste of time.

F is when I can't even get past the first couple pages. Just not a good book.