Monday, May 2, 2011

Auralia's Colors by Jeffrey Overstreet

A greedy queen sets a ban in the kingdom, no one is to own anything of color.While the House of Abascar goes on waiting for the day common people can own color again. A wild young girl is breaking the law, a small boy is trying to discover who he is and a prince is searching for a creature only children believe in. All while forces are at work trying to stop them. In this kingdom void of free color a gifted young girl might bring the house down.

After having multiple people tell me this is a must read fantasy series I hoped it would be.

The world is masterfully created. The houses, forest, people, creatures were all well done. Though this is a great world but it did take a while to understand, I took the entire book to keep the Houses straight, and some people I got confused with who was who. But overall it was well done.

Characters were interesting. Ale boy, Auralia, Prince Cal-Raven, the king, Ark-robin as well as others were unique in their own style. Cal-raven was personally my favorite, we had insight into his life more then others. Overstreet has a new style of character point of view that I have never read before, it is a style of 3rd person. There isn’t a lot of getting in their head like "His emotions were..." you had to figure out the character’s emotions or thoughts from his or her actions. It was different, maybe not my favorite style but not all bad.
Down falls with the characters are that the ages were hard to understand, is this person 80? 28? 18? 8? Also comment tags were few, making me have to reread parts to understand who said what.

For the plot I was frankly confused for the first 150 pages of the book figuering what it was meant to be. Making it a slow start. But after finding the plot and settling into the world I found the plot fairly effective. The story is about a bunch of people and how their actions and choices effect their world. As a quilter I love the color ideas, as well as the multiple characters. Each person had a piece to this plot and when everyone was woven together it was rather good.

I look forward to Reading Cynders Midnight if it is like this book.