Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Keeper by Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee

Two hermit brothers have spent years living in seclusion. Trying to fight their emotions so that they may be blessed in the next life. One night a lone man finds them and tells them they are dead. How can this be? Breathing, walking, talking men, dead. To live again they must become keepers, a secret order trying to preserve the emotional life of human beings.

I really enjoyed Keeper it was interesting, and gave great insight into the book Forbidden, which Keeper serves as a prologue for. It did it’s job making me even more interested in reading Forbidden. I see that Forbidden is going to focus on love and other emotions. I don't think following your emotions is a good thing since emotions can fog a persons sense of logic and lead to trouble. But I'll see how Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee pull it off. After reading Keeper I am very much so looking forward to Forbidden. Keeper was well written and did what it was intended to do, get me hooked on Forbidden before I even read the first page.