Monday, April 25, 2011

Breath of Angel by Karyn Henley

Thank you to WaterBrook Blogging for Books program for allowing me to read  the advanced copy of this book!
A weary stranger walks into temple courtyard looking for shelter, suddenly he is attacked and killed by a giant black bird. At the man’s vigil a stranger starts to speak of an ancient debt that needs to be paid. Melaia quickly learns stories are not just stories. On top of this new discovery she is forced leave her home and go to a near by kingdom to play her harp for an ailing king. Stepping out of the temple she starts to learn things she never dreamed of, and face choices that will make or break this world.

Melaia is an young priestess who is gifted in medicine, music, and a few more interesting things. She has traits like honestly, curiosity, trustworthiness, impulsive, headstrong, kindness and more. When she steps out of her sheltered world she faces many challenges and discoveries; she also is forced to trust a group of people, err angels.  I liked her, she was human by the fact she knew almost nothing, she started as an innocent young girl and ends up enlightened women.
Then there is Trevin who is questionable at times making him a character I want to trust but can't, he was wonderfully written. The angels and everyone else was unique and crafted exceptionally well.
The plot always seemed to be a twist or turn or piece of insight. This made the book very quick and gripping but slightly confusing at times with all the information. Karyn also isn’t an over descriptive writer, at times there were gaps or misunderstandings in the description. I don't know if they'll be fixed by the time the book is mass published. It was nearly to the point that I feel there wasn't enough description, a first for me. Still, I am someone who would rather fill in blanks and have a short book over having every description “spoon feed” to me and have a very long boring book. Yet the world and races where easily explained in the 277 pages. 

 In closing I loved this book, it was much better then I thought it would be. I can’t wait for “Blood of Man” the next book is this series. As well as any other books by Karyn Henley.