Monday, April 4, 2011

Scorpia Rising by Anthony Horowitz

~Warning! This is the last book in the series, read the first books before reading this one.~
Alex is free! He has escaped his life as a teen spy; he is now free to be what he wants to be. A Schoolboy. Just MI6 has other things in mind. A perfect mission for Alex has arrived and he is needed. Jack in all her stubbornness demands them to leave him alone, but another sniper shooting shows he needs protection.  Grudgingly Alex accepts this mission, knowing that “In the end, there is not way out.” – pg. 166. He once more goes undercover in an international school to check and make sure the security is sound, with Jack along for the ride. What he, and MI6 don’t know is that they’re nothing but pawns and a deadly game.
This book starts out amazing, Scorpia is back and ready to prove itself. As I started reading this book and reached page 32, 50, then 100 I was wondering, “Where is Alex?” he hadn’t shown up in the book yet. Sure he has been mentioned, but not seen. It was a interesting change in style, one that took me a while to get over. But as I read on I saw how clever Horowitz was to do it this way. By knowing the first part we got to know the main villain, Razim, who is more chilling then all of Alex’s past enemies. He is a true psychopath, when he spoke I would be filled with dread as I saw where the conversation was going.  Razim is the one of the best/worst villains I’ve ever read. His henchman is pure genius, I was dumbfounded at who it was. 
Scorpia Rising shows Alex has grown up. A year has passed since his first mission and he is no longer a kid. I was expecting it, I have been a fan of these books for years. I have grown up with Alex, I knew he would be more like an adult then a kid in this book. He needed to be. Something that really drove this point home for me was that Alex has always wanted a gun, well this time he has it.
The plot was amazing, that is all I have to say. I would read this book and glance at the clock later thinking just minutes had passed when it had been hours of reading. It was intense but not confusing, insightful without giving anything away, it was easy to understand yet had 3 of the best twists I have ever read. Horowitz is just an amazing author.
This book is the last book to the Alex Rider series and it answered all the questions I had. It is sad to see one of my favorite series close but I know that Alex can’t be a kid forever. I applaud Anthony Horowitz for writing a wonderful series, and for closing it so well. Even though it does hurt to know this is “the end”.