Monday, June 20, 2011

I Know Why the Angels Dance by Bryan Davis

Her first funeral, 12 year old Tabitha doesn't know how to handle  her great grandmother’s, Nana, death. She knows she should be happy because her great grandmother is in heaven, but shouldn't she also be sad?

To help her remember Nana Tabitha is given Deborah, a family heirloom doll.  Going home she starts to have strange dreams and when her closest friend, Rose, starts to appear in these nightmares she fears for Rose's eternal life.
relaxed and had fun through the entire book, it made the book  feel stiff and formal. The rest of the characters were fine. With the exception of her father and Phil, I kept getting mixed up with since they’re so alike.
When I picked up this book I wasn't expecting a thing. I have read fantasy by Bryan Davis and was interested to see how he would do a fiction novel.

I have my normal qualms with the characters in this book, many, but not all, were near perfect. One thing kept appearing odd to me, Tabitha is a perfect angel. For a 12 year old she acted like a 16+
year old. She used big words, had large passages of the Bible memorized, never self-centered, polite, Ect. Now I know many great 12 year olds and all of them goof off at times. Tabitha never really 
For plot I felt this was Davis' best work, it reminded me of "Tilly" by Frank Peretti. The main plot was easy to follow while the subplots were meaningful. I was pulled into the families lives, pondered about the Biblical views the book covered and was moved as I saw how it would end. Though it was overall predictable I like that it stayed on target and was well paced.

I have read many of Davis' works and feel this is his best writing. Though I wasn’t in tears it moved me and kept me interested till the bitter-sweet end.