Thursday, June 30, 2011

An Announcement and A Tag

Due to a small amount of entries in the Beyond the Dead Forest Giveaway I am going to extend it till July 16th. This will now be the closing day for the giveaway. If you would like to enter please see here.

Also I was tagged on Noah's Blog, Thank you Noah for the tag.

Now I have to answer the following questions:
Are you hot/warm/cold right now? Where are you at?
The temp is perfect here in a friends house in AR, though it is hot outside I am happy inside. 

Upload a picture of the wallpaper you are using.

This is a picture my dad took on a trip. I have been training my family how to take pictures for a couple years now and this is one of the best he has ever taken. :)
When was the last time you ate chicken?
 Lunch, we ate at a pizza bar that served every type of topping you can think of.  Potatos, peppers, pinnapple chocolate everything. It was great! 

What song or songs have you listened to recently?
A little Fee and Amberlin during a drive with a friend. Then a lot of Amberlin, TFK, Group 1 Crew, Skillet, Hawk Nelson and others during car drives. Also I have been listening to Eragon on CDs.

Do you have any nicknames? If so what are they?
I have many. It depends on who I am with. GA, Goldie, Goldarrow, 2-D, frog, toad, stick, monkey, are just the ones that first come to mind. I have a ton more.  
Now to tag 5 bloggers.

Jake from is kinda new to reviewing but has natural reviewing skills.

Silver Angel from is famous for just plan random fun. You want to smile or laugh? Ceck out his blog.

Thanks again to Noah for tagging me!