Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Radical by Davis Platt

The reason I picked up this book was because I wanted to strengthen my faith in God and to learn how to follow His will.
This book covers just that topic, how to learn God's will by turning from the American Dream.

Radical opens up talking about underground churches, which I like. I have long respected Christians in closed countries and pray for their strength, during this day and age of Christian persecution; which is worse then it has ever been in history.
Then it talks about how you can be a radical Christian and implies you will be a strong Christian like underground church members. The book goes in depth on a 5 point plan to become a stronger Christian:
1. Pray for the world
2. Read the entire Bible
3. Sacrifice your money
4. Give your time for God
5. Join a Church or Small Group to help you grow in your faith
If you do these five points you will be a Radical Christian, and I agree with all of these 100%. I need to read my Bible more often, I should go on a mission trip, I try to keep track and pray for both local and world problems, I also give what I can to church and charity, and I am an active church member.  But I don’t consider myself a true Radical Christian, at least not what I want my version of Radical to look like. I guess this book is perfect for Christians who go to church, then live like anyone else the rest of the week, and for middle road Christians who do the actions but don’t share their faith.
David Platt also brings some strong points to mind like; How can we sit in comfortable multi-million dollar churches while children starve to death? Shouldn’t we be more concerned about people’s eternal lives then what fast-food joint we should eat at? Just he never gave a good solution about how to solve this. Other then donate, but American churches are not going to stop expanding and building. VBS still helps teach young kids, Retreats still save eternal lives, so I don’t know how David Platt expects us to stop growing our churches yet do all he wants in the American church. 

Over-all this book is a good read, just I don’t think this book covers what it said it would. Use it as a motivational plan to strengthen your faith, by doing the 5 point plan, but don’t expect a radical change. I know that, at this time, I don't have the strength to deal with half of what most underground church members do, but I hope to some day with God’s strength.
So I guess yes, follow his step by step and you will be a stronger Christian, but I think radical is not the right word. 
Thank you Waterbrook for giving me this book to review.