Monday, February 28, 2011

Starlighter by Bryan Davis

Once long ago there was a land, this land was inhabited by dragons. One day a mighty dragon realized that their race was slowly dieing. He learned that he needed to find a new land or slaves to mine for a very important gas, so he, and the rest of his race could live. He searched and found a land that had humans, he took a few of them back to his world to work for him.
The story of Starlighter is about the people taken by the dragon and the people left behind.

I was disappointed with this book. After reading over 10 of Bryan Davis’s other books this one just seemed to blend in with the rest. The land had the same feel as any of his other series, even though it was different. The only way I can describe the world is Star Wars crossed with Rome.

I think I am finally learning why I don't like Bryan Davis’s books, the characters. They are either flat or perfect. The best fighter in he world, the honorable gentleman, the kind hearted girl that studies everything dutifully. Now I will admit that I am not perfect, so reading about these perfect people bore me. I mean even the liar never lied. I know everything will turn out right in the end so why do I care what happens to them now? It will all be okay. Since the characters are already near perfect not a lot of character development is open, which I feel hurt the plot.
With dragons, there is a point were everyone will say, they are too human. I found it in this book. Please don't get me wrong I love smart dragons just this is overboard for me. The dragon made a debate, the dragon bowed, the dragon is kind hearted. Ummmmm okey... Great! More people, just they are in dragon bodies.

The plot is unique, just like all of Bryan Davis’s plots. The finger, the romance, portals, mind bending puzzles, odd creatures, ‘twas very Davis style.

Now this book is good if you just want something entertaining to read, but I won’t go out and buy it.