Monday, February 14, 2011

An Emmy Post

Well it has been a long time coming but I would like to announce my new review blog, Arrowhead Reviews.

Please bear with me as I do the equivalent of an Emmy award winner.

First off thank you Cson. When I needed help coming up with a name for the blog you gave me multiple ideas. For the help and encouragement while I tackled HTML problems. Also for providing me with my first book to review, that will be posted shortly.

To Winters Read and Millardthemk, thanks for the offers to help me set up the blog. I am sure I will still need help with glitches. I'll call you two when I do.

To Jake for taking care of the Underground so I had time to read, review and layout the blog.

To Whisper, Keeneye and all of Silvertree (2nd round) for giving me a fun tribe building and for getting me to seriously think of making this blog.

And to my family, Mom and Dad for letting me spend the superbowl and many long nights staring at HTML codes. And Anduril, for letting me use the computer when he wanted to play online games.

Thank you everyone who said, "I'll follow you when you get a blog." (I'm holding you to it)

~Michelle Archer